The LRI achieves its aims through the organization of high-impact events thematically focused on specific grand challenges facing business and society. The events bring together speakers and participants from a range of academic, corporate and policy backgrounds. The conferences, panels and briefings balance contributions from academic experts, business leaders and policy makers to highlight trends and parallels from the long-run experience and to reflect on their contemporary and future impact through dialogue and debate.


  • One to two hours
  • One panel of experts
  • Dynamic discussion on a single theme


  • Two to three hours
  • Two panels of experts
  • Two angles of a single grand theme


  • Half- or full-day meetings
  • two or more panels of experts
  • one or two keynote guests

Solutions Workshops:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Set up to challenge assumptions, redefine problems & create solutions to prototype and test

The Institute publishes a range of engaging high-quality reports, briefing notes and op-eds that are both synopses of events and commentaries on the themes we engage with. These are underpinned by academic rigour while remaining fully accessible to non-academic audiences.


Building Resilience and Adapting Purpose in a Post-Pandemic World:

The Past|Future of the Public Corporation Series

15 October 2021 | Online Conference

The public corporation and the world of work are changing dramatically. What role could/ should the corporation play as societies turn to building economic and social resilience?

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