Date: January 2023
Location: London, UK


  • Ms. Mona Malone, Chief Human Resources Officer and Head People & Culture, BMO Financial Group
  • Dr. Judy Z. Stephenson, Associate Professor at University College London, and Director, Long Run Institute

Keynote Guests

  • Dr. Amy Louise Erickson, Professor of Feminist History at Cambridge University
  • Dr. Jennifer Aston, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Institute of Humanities at Northumbria University.

Scholars of long-run economic development have recently been focusing on “upper-tail human capital” - how the quality and competence of workers in the top few percent of the distribution of the labour force matter more to technological advances than the capabilities of the average worker. Therefore, our focus was on women’s “long-run” evolution in leadership, that is, on women in corporate leadership (board and C-Suite) and the link to economic development, corporate progress, innovation and technological advancement in the 21st century, and how that connects to women’s leadership in business extending back three centuries. We reached deep into the past to identify the historical barriers, analyze women’s agency and power and their ability to make a difference in terms of productivity and the economy. The focus of this roundtable generally was to generate actionable insight from hindsight on the subject of women’s leadership in the economy. In other words, we aimed to connect our long-run experience with our current situation and generate insights for the future.

The LRI would like to express its gratitude to BMO Financial Group, for partnering on this event. BMO is the 8th largest bank in North America, fueling progress for individuals, families and businesses across North America.

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